Payment in Installments

  • How can I use Aplazame to buy now and pay later?
Simply add the products you want to the cart, add your email address to your account , choose Aplázame as the payment method at checkout and validate the purchase in your online banking.
  • What payment methods does Aplazame accept?
You can pay your monthly installments with a bank card or PayPal.
  • Can I choose the number of installments and the payment date?
Yes. When you make your credit request, you can select which day you want to pay your installments. If during the course of your credit contract you want to change the date of payment of the installments, you can also do so. Depending on the business, you can choose between 1 and 36 monthly installments. Whatever is most comfortable for you. The interest you pay depends on the number of installments in which you divide the purchase.
*Example of financing with APLAZAME for a purchase of €200.00 over 12 months and payment begins 30 days after the request. An entry of €16.65 is requested, which the user must pay through their card at the time they carry out the operation. The amount to be financed is the difference between the value of the basket (€200.00) and the entry (€16.65): €183.35. 12 monthly payments of €16.65 are requested. Opening commission: €0.00. INR: 16.19%; APR: 17.45%. Total amount owed: €199.83. Subject to approval by APLAZAME. Cash price: €200.00; Financed price: €216.48
  • What interest will I pay if I decide to finance?

You will be able to pay later for purchases you make in associated stores at an interest rate between 0% and the maximum APR defined by the store. You can choose between 1 and 36 monthly installments.

Depending on the financial policy applied by each store at any given time, this interest can be reduced to 0% APR in those cases in which the business decides to assume part or all of the financial costs of operations.

Keep in mind that your APR will vary depending on the store where you make the purchase and your credit profile.

Returns and Cancellations

  • I want to cancel a loan early. Do you penalize me?
No. If, for example, you have a 12-month credit agreement and in the fifth month you decide to pay the rest at once, you can do so from your control panel. This service is free for you and has no penalties. You will only pay the interest that may have accrued until the date of cancellation of the credit. It does not have any type of commission.
  • How do I return the items of a purchase that I have paid in installments with Aplazame?

To request a full refund of the order, you must contact the store. Make the return as usual.

When the store executes the return, it appears in our system and the full refund, including interest, will automatically be made to the bank card associated with your Aplazame account. It may take up to 10 days for the money to appear in your account, depending on your bank.

If you only return part of the purchase, for example, one of the three products you purchased, the financing will be adjusted by deducting the part of the product that you have returned.

We will not make a direct refund, but rather we will readjust your future installments based on the new amount of the outstanding credit (the amount that remains after subtracting the amount of the refund).

Errors and Documentation

  • Why hasn't my order been completed?
On many occasions our customers do not establish an email address to place their order. If you are going to make a purchase using the Aplázame method, you will have to complete all the fields: telephone number, email, name, surname, address...
  • Why was my financing request denied?

Every Aplazame request is subject to our system's evaluation of the data provided in the form. It is possible that your financing request does not exceed the requirements established by our risk department.

In that case, you can return to the store and complete the purchase using another payment method.

  • You have not been able to validate the documentation I sent. What should I do?

If we cannot validate the documentation you sent us, we will proceed to cancel the financing request. You can return to the store and repeat your purchase.

Please, when you attach your NIE or DNI, make sure that all your information is read correctly. Check that your DNI/NIE is well focused and illuminated, do not cover information with your fingers or use flash to avoid reflections.

  • What happens if I don't send my documentation?

To comply with the Money Laundering Prevention Law, we are obliged to ask you for documentation proving your identity.

We need you to attach your DNI or NIE on both sides within 48 hours. You can do it at any time from the link we sent you by email when you requested the credit.

If you do not send it within the deadline, we will proceed to cancel your order and return your ticket.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to get in touch through our Contact Form or by consulting Aplazame .