Value as a starting point

At HervásPiel we are committed to a circular system, in which the useful life of handmade luxury products is extended. Each garment was designed and made to last; That is why every year we remodel and recreate a large number of models that became outdated and now regain the value they once had through alternative use.

Re-use, Re-design, Recycle.

Driven by our extensive experience in the leather field, we offer an exclusive service for those clients who want to give their old leather garments a new look . We renew models to give them a current image and in accordance with the new needs of the client.

Our workshop-store, made up of the best pattern makers and designers, will help you reuse and recycle your old coats to give them the look you are looking for.

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Leather is a raw material of natural origin and highly recyclable. Its long useful life, of more than 25 years, is what allows us to carry out transformations, re-stylings and repairs, providing a sustainable value to luxury.

At HervásPiel, we try to reuse all excess raw materials by introducing them into the manufacturing process in different cycles to achieve the greatest possible efficiency of use.

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